Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some people get all the talent...

In my early blogging days, I told you all about the IADCCT regional and the 50 Duncan Certified Ceramic Teachers that took iLoveToCreate by storm. As a thank you to iLoveToCreate for hosting the event, Arlene Smith and the Southern Stars chapter of IADCCT presented this beautiful quilt to Larry Duncan. Check it out:
These people are amazing ceramists AND quilters?! Not fair! I’m working on developing just ONE creative talent! This quilt is not only beautiful, but it has special meaning to the iLoveToCreate team, as every square contains a picture of something Duncan related. If you look closely, you can see pictures of Erma Duncan, the Duncan family, pictures from the IADCCT regional, and the Duncan University logo. Thank you SO much to Arlene and all the members of the Southern Stars chapter. The quilt is such an amazing gift, and we’re working on finding the perfect place to display it so that all iLoveToCreate team members can enjoy it!

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