Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sweet Baby Sophie!

In this post a few months back I shared with you the exciting news that I would soon be an aunt! I also showed off the super cute onesies we made at my sister Sarah's baby shower using Scribbles Dimensional Fabric Paint. Well, I'm now an auntie to sweet baby Sophie! She's tiny and precious, and I'm so in love with her. When she was a week old my sister decided to have a little photo shoot to show off the onesies everyone made. Sophie was a good sport and made it through quite a few of them!

And here she is on her four week birthday!

It's crazy to see how much bigger she looks after just three weeks. She's probably going to outgrow those onesies pretty fast, so I better tap into my creative side asap and whip her up some new ones! I'm thinkin' she'd like a cute tie-dye onesie, like the ones made by Kristina over at Diapers.Deadlines.DIY!