Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Every Cube Needs Some Flair

While 80's inspired trends like bleached jeans and neon pops of color rule Back-To-School this year, I'm still into last years skull trend. I might be a little over skulls on clothing, but I'm definitely loving this Paul Frank Skurvy bike and this Skull bow from Tarina Tarantino's new City Girl Collection and this super cute Babydoll Skull plaque! It's been awhile since I've done a project, and I've been wanting to try out the X-Treme Dimensions™ line, so this project seemed perfect! Plus my cubicle at work could use a little flair. I'm the only person at iLoveToCreate who's cube isn't plastered with projects! Here's my finished project, proudly displayed outside my cube:So cute! My only disappointment is that the black ran a bit. Oops, I guess I was a little too anxious to brush on my Pure Brilliance! If I were to do this project over, I would definitely let it dry a little longer, and also sponge on my first coat of Pure Brilliance, and then brush on my second coat. One other issue I encountered was that my X-Treme Dimensions™ were pretty old, so they had thickened and were hard to squeeze out of the bottle. Luckily this problem has a quick fix! I just added a few drops of Duncan Thin 'n Shade, stirred it into the X-Treme Dimensions™, and they worked perfectly! It was totally worth the extra work. The multi-colored specks (you can see them better in the professional photo) give the piece such a cool effect! So this is what people see now when they walk into my cubicle. Pretty intimidating, right?! Yea, I'm hard core :)

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