Monday, November 23, 2009

i LOVE to create with Renaissance Glazes!

First off, I have to apologize for being a bad ceramist. I feel like there's been so much going on here at iLoveToCreate, I haven't blogged about ceramics for awhile. Luckily I can FINALLY share a super exciting new line of mid-range glazes with you! We've been working on this one for a long time, and I'm SO excited to finally present to you...

The wonder and mystery of the Old World come alive with Duncan Renaissance Glazes, a premier mid-range glaze that modernizes art history on multiple clay bodies. The line of eight unique glaze colors provides limitless opportunities to embrace the rustic, ancient, historical and artistic perspectives of the 16th century... all with the ease of application that the Duncan Ceramic Arts brand is known for. Here are the beautiful eight new colors:

RG 701 Vintage Blue

RG 702 Antique Celadon

RG 703 Rustic Mustard

RG 704 Shino Cream

RG 705 Bronze Patina

RG 706 Frosted Brick

RG 707 Deep Sea Treasure

RG 708 Pastel Peach

Aren't they beautiful?! I love them because they're so different from anything else out there right now! Check out "Seascape" created by Duncan Ambassador Musette Young:

Musette says, "The glaze applies like a dream, and works well with Concepts design work underneath. The glazes also work great in multiple combinations with one another!" Contact your Duncan Distributor to get your Renaissance Glazes today! Just consider these an early present from Santa :) I'm going to give them a whirl myself. This will be my first experience with mid-range glazes, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We Love To Create!

Even though Halloween is long gone, and my Christmas countdown has begun (44 days!), I have to show you some of the costumes my fellow iLoveToCreate-ers came up with! Here's a particularly witty costume the Internet Marketing team created: A little Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™ , Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint™ and a pig mask and you can be the H1N1 virus, too! Here's the Swell Designer (Alexa) dressed up as Octomom:Pretty dead-on, right? I LOVE the big wax lips. Here's Sean, who looks so good as a girl it's a little scary!
And finally, after a lot of this......and a lot of this...
we have me, Smurfette!
I felt pretty silly parading around the office in this outfit, but it's fun to mix it up every once and a while! Now it's time to move on to my favorite time of the year!! I think I'm going to have my family over for a Color Bazaar party. Wouldn't it be so fun to have everyone make their own ornament for our family tree? Look how beautiful this Christmas ornament is:
It still amazes me how beautifully rich the color is! Click HERE to learn how you can make this ornament, or lots of other cool objects, yourself!