Monday, June 1, 2009


So, all of you “outsiders” may not realize Duncan Enterprises has its own secret language. It’s a language of cryptic acronyms that has taken me quite some time to crack. After flash cards and late night cram sessions (joking!), I now speak them fluently. One such “secret” acronym is IADCCT. What is IADCCT, you ask? Well, let me tell you. IADCCT stands for International Association of Duncan Certified Ceramic Teachers. A few weekends ago, around 50 Duncan Certified Teachers took Duncan Enterprises by storm for a three day IADCCT convention. Many of these people have been teaching Duncan University classes since before I was born! Needless to say, I was the black sheep in this group of amazingly talented people. Discussions revolved around “banding” and “raku” and a ton of other foreign ceramic terms. Turns out ceramists have their own secret language, too! Even though many of their conversations went over my head, the IADCCT members embraced me with open arms (literally! Apparently ceramists are big huggers), and offered kind words of encouragement as I told them about my planned journey into the world of ceramics. I showed them the pieces I’d made with David Hoff, and they all complimented me on how good my brushstrokes looked! Here’s some pictures from the weekend:

Soon I’ll attempt to paint a piece on my own. I have a feeling those brushstrokes won’t look so good when I don’t have a Duncan Certified Teacher standing over my shoulder! I would LOVE to be able to do this awesome Creativity Squared project, but I think I’m getting a little ahead of myself. For all your more talented people out there, check out how cool it is:

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