Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Kid in Town

So when I started at Duncan Enterprises, my first thought was “How did I get this job?!” I looked around at the abundance of creativity, and knew I was WAY out of my league. Creative ideas literally pour out of everyone at Duncan, and all I could say was, “What’s bisque again?” I soon learned their secret. At Duncan, “We make it easy to experience creativity and the excitement of personal accomplishment.” I hadn’t painted anything since I was in the seventh grade, and my Mom had helped me with any art project since then, so I was pretty confident that there was no making it “easy to experience creativity” for me. I headed off to Ceramic training with David Hoff prepared to totally embarrass myself. I cringed as I prepared to see my pieces after firing, but look!
I’m creative! And on my first try, who would have thought? Certainly not my Mom or sisters, who over the years have had some good laughs at the expense of my stick figures. Check me out! Thanks to David I now know all about
Duncan Oh Four Bisque . Ok maybe not ALL about it, but I’ll get there! Move over Ceramic Diva, there’s a new kid in town :)


  1. Wow! These pieces are amazing. And working with David Hoff!!! Im jealous. Cant wait for the next post new kid.

  2. Look how purty! You have to promise to post pix of any ceramic disasters that may occur, though. You know, for educational purposes.

    Welcome to the blogiverse!

  3. WELCOME!!! Can't wait to see how you merge fashion with ceramic arts!!

  4. Haha don't worry Ver, I'm sure there will be plenty of ceramic disasters to follow!

  5. Great job Madi - I'm sure you've been warned -- ceramics are highly addictive! Enjoy :)