Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Trend to Dye For

I like to consider myself a pretty trendy, stylish girl. Maybe not as much as Fashion Girl, but I try! This summer I’m all about tie-dye. Here are a few of my favorite tie-dye looks:
In this economy, why buy tie-dye if you can make it?? Duncan’s got you covered with Tulip® One-Step Fashion DyeTM! Check out for some super cute tie-dye projects. But why stop there? Extend the trend to your home with this awesome A Plateful of Peace project!
I’ve wanted to try this project for awhile, but I was kind of intimidated by the shaving cream technique. With a confidence boost from my past projects, I decided to go for it! Here I am rolling the plate on the shaving cream mound:
And here’s the final project:
I know, I know, not too impressive. But for a beginner, I'll take it! Duncan definitely makes it "easy to experience Creativity and the excitement of personal accomplishment", but this one takes a little bit of skill, as well. Here's a few tips to my fellow beginners: this project requires A LOT of shaving cream, and A LOT of color. Make your shaving cream mound pretty high and at least as wide as your plate. Next, don't be scared to dribble on a good amount of color! I think that should do the trick. Even though this project wasn't as big of a success as my last, I still think it’s a super cool. This whole journey is about learning. And now I've learned never to be shy with a bottle of shaving cream! I'm going to try this project again, because I still love the idea of a set of tie-dye, peace sign plates. Stay tuned!

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