Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, New Duncan Oh Four Bisque!

Happy 2011! I realize this is a bit late, but I feel like I'm just beginning to crawl out of the holiday fog. To me, it's still Christmas until the 12th day of Christmas (which was last Thursday). No judgement, please. After that it takes me a few days to take down the decorations and get over my post-holiday blues. But here I am! I'm done mourning the Christmas lights and wonderful smelling Christmas tree, and I'm ready to get on with 2011. 2010 was a great year (largely due to the birth of my wonderful niece Sophie) but I have a feeling 2011 is going to be even better!
2011's off to a great start here at iLoveToCreate with 24 new Duncan Oh Four Bisque Designs! Here's a look at some of my favorite new designs:
New Cupcake Bank, Cupcake Cookie Jar, and Cupcake Dinner Plate
New Chef Soup Bowl, Chef Sandwich Plate, and Chef Soup and Cracker Mug
Everyone knows I have a small obsession with cupcakes, so of course I LOVE these three new designs. I may be biased because I helped design them, but I know you're going to love them too! I can't wait to paint a "Happy Birthday Sophie!" plate. My Mom has a birthday plate that she made at Color Cafe a loooooong time ago, and she still brings it out for all of our birthdays. I always feel so special when I'm eating off the birthday girl plate! I also love the additions to the Chef Collection. Aren't they clever?! I can't wait to use the Chef Soup Bowl and Sandwich plate. On a wintry day nothing tastes better than grilled cheese and tomato soup. Mmmm now I'm hungry... Make sure to visit to check out all 24 new Duncan Oh Four Bisque designs and to learn how to create the above projects and all the others featured in the new bisque brochure!

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  1. I appreciate your work....congratulations!!!!!
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