Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Creativity Confession

My faithful followers, I have to admit that I haven't been 100% truthful with you. I didn't lie, but I haven't been as forthcoming as I could have been about my creative past. While it's true ballet has always been my art of choice, I did spend a few good summers at a local contemporary studio called Color Cafe. Those days were years ago, though, and mostly forgotten until I stumbled upon the evidence at my parents' house yesterday. Check out these beauties... Notice I even made sure to take pictures of my initials for all you skeptics! I actually remember using Concepts and French Dimensions to paint these pieces! I think the box was painted with CN Bright Aqua, CN 181 Light Kiwi, CN 062 Bright Salsa, and maybe CN 032 Bright Butternut? The box definitely has FD 270 French Deflt, and maybe CN 171 Light Kelp, CN 112 Bright Delft, and CN 261 Light Purple. I think it's so funny that the summer before my Freshman year, when I was dreaming of becoming a professional ballerina, I was actually using the products I would someday be helping to develop and market! Funny how life works out, huh? Not that these pieces are anything to brag about, but they're a fun reminder of how Duncan products have touched the lives of even us "uncreative" ones!

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