Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ceramic Flashback

Last night I had dinner at my grandparent's house and for some reason we started looking at pictures that nobody had paid attention to for years. I was checking out a picture from my high school graduation when I heard Ammy (my grandma) say, "Oh look! Here's one of you being creative!". Clearly these pictures frames hadn't been updated in forever because this beauty dates all the way back to 1998:

Have you stopped laughing yet? OK good. Even though it's TOTALLY embarrassing, I just had to share. Obviously the picture's not great, but can you see what I'm painting with? For you Duncan die hards it's easy to tell those are Concepts underglazes! In fact if you look even closer, you can tell I'm painting THIS jumbo latte mug I blogged about over a year ago! All I can say is thank goodness we switched to this beautiful new label...

...and thank goodness I don't wear my hair like that anymore!

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